The GladPod

The One Where We Start

Episode Summary

Nearly 30 years on from the first episode of Gladiators, Jet (aka Diane Youdale) and journalist David Blackmore start their journey of discovery to relive the glory days of the biggest Saturday night family show in the 90s.

Episode Notes

In this very first episode, David and Jet discuss how they met, how this podcast came about, and their hopes for what they want to get from this first series - and any future series. Jet speaks about her admiration for the four original Gladiators who took part in every series - especially Wolf - and how she always wanted to try the Eliminator, but was never allowed. 

David and Jet also talk all things Alan Partridge as she issues a come and get me plea to Norwich's most famous resident even though it would appear Alan might now prefer Shakira to Jet judging by his Twitter profile.

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