The GladPod

The One With The Gladiator That Never Was

Episode Summary

It wouldn’t be a shock if you don’t recall our guest for this week's GladPod. Metin Hussein was set to join Gladiators as Shark but a stomach ulcer saw his career end before it even started (despite featuring in promotional videos!)

Episode Notes

Metin Hussein tells Di and Dave about sailing through the Glad tryouts, explains why he had monthly hair check-ins  and describes his excitement after more than a year he got the call to tell him he was in, he would be called Shark and everything was shaping-up nicely. 

But it was on a pre-series trip to Mauritius with the Gladiators squad that things started to go pear-shaped and his dreams of TV celebrity fame drifted away.

Metin tells Di and Dave how he got over the huge disappointment of missing out on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of appearing on Gladiators - it involves helicopters and becoming a professional psychic medium!

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